Areas Identified for Improvement

Indicators from the 1st Quarter benchmarks

6th Grade

L.6.4b - Greek and Latin Roots
RI 6.2 Central Idea
RI 6.1 Text evidence
RI 6.3 Analyze in detail
RL 6.7 Compare/Contrast

7th Grade

RL 7.4 - Vocabulary (figurative & connotative)
RL 7.6 - Characterization
RL 7.7 Compare/Contrast
W 7.4 Writing (Development, Organization, and Style)

8th Grade

RL 8.4 Determine Meaning of Words
RL8.5 Compare and Contrast Structure of 2 or more texts
L 8.5a Interpret figures of speech
L8.5b Use relationship between particular words to better understand each